Hello Fellow Angels –

It is amazing to see the response to our initial blog entry. We are overwhelmed by your comments and support. YOU ALL ROCK.

Our goal this week is to file Articles of Incorporation with the State of Texas. This is the first step before we can apply for non profit status with the IRS. Oh my gosh that application is 28 long and grueling pages in itself. Once we file that it will take 2-6 months to gain their approval. We can accept donations but our non-profit status will not have been ratified and so the deductions would not be tax deductible.

So I started thinking who will donate without getting something in return, in other words a “write-off?” It didn’t take long to get an answer. Trinity’s Angels received the FIRST monetary donation of $50 from Ian Patrick a home inspector with Emerald Home Inspections this morning. (Cha-ching) He conducts home inspections for buyers purchasing homes in our Dallas area. He even plays the bagpipes – Go Figure. Love the kilt. Then Lesa Stuart stepped up immediately with a MATCHING CONTRIBUTION. This is so exciting. So we’re throwing it out there. We need your help. Money, filled boxes, assistance. Wherever you feel called to help. Even passing on the web address to this blog will help us spread the word. Realizing we need to give you more information about our mission … I promise it is coming. I figure ask first, explain later!? But I have to meet with Nicky and she is out shopping for shoes to get us boxes to fill.

Taking a step of faith and I’m going out on a limb. A personal challenge. My commitment to all of you is to fill one box a week with gifts for the kids for our first delivery in December to Lima, Peru. Looking at a calendar that is 35 boxes. Maybe I should have looked at that first. Then Lesa stepped up again and said she would make another MATCHING CONTRIBUTION to that commitment. That Lesa! 70 boxes between the two commitments. NO WAY!  I will let you know our progress. We are definitely headed to our goal of 200 boxes. We may meet that early on. Then what you ask. Just double it! 400 boxes – yikes. Uh oh – how will we get everything there? Not to worry… Just talked my mom in California and she is working on 6 boxes. Gotta love it. Another thought – where are we going to put all of these once they are completed??

I keep telling Nicky that she needs to go buy more shoes so we can have a supply of boxes. I don’t think she minds. That girl is crazy about shoes. She just called me and has 8 empty boxes for us to fill right now and 8 more in her closet. Go Nicky. Go Nicky. She and I are headed out now to shop to fill them with spectacular fun things for the kids. We plan on taking a picture of the boxes to show you the concept and will post an informational sheet with ideas of what to put in them. Then we’ll be waiting for you to ship them to us!!!!!!!!!!!! Shipping address to follow.

Individually YOU can make a difference.

Together we can make an IMPACT.

Pay It Forward.