This is a list of suggestions that you can use to fill a shoebox for kids. Plastic shoe boxes may be substituted in place of the cardboard ones. They cost about $1.30 at Target. (At least that’s what Nicky says after she bought 16 to replace the cardboard ones we “forced” her to give up!)

Boxes should be packed either for a boy or girl. The following age ranges can be used as a guide for either. Ages 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14. Please let us know via a note in the box which age bracket you chose and whether it should be given to a boy or girl.

The first 5 items we are looking for as a “core” so that everyone gets them. From there you are free to build the box with your own choices and add whatever treasures you find. As a special touch you might want to enclose a personal note and pictures of you and your family for the kids. It is a great addition so that the child who receives your precious gift can see the special people that had them in their hearts while preparing the gift.

Gift Box Suggestions: These are for the most part generic – you’ll be able to tell the difference further in the list those suggestions for boys and for girls.

Core Items:  Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Comb or Brush, Crayons (prefer Crayola 24 ct – my favorite for 50 years!) and a coloring book or blank pad of paper for drawing.

General Items: *Colored pencils * Pens/Pencils * Pencil Sharpener * Construction paper * Paint sets/Art brushes * Blank Journal * Blunt scissors * Stickers * Books * Cards * Travel size games * Puzzles* Kazoo * Harmonica * Musical instruments * Frisbee * Toy figurines * Animal figures * Small Balls * Yo-Yo’s * Slinky * Stuffed animals * Balloons * Gum * Candy/Suckers * Sunglasses * Watch * Clothes * Baseball cap/hat * Shoes * Socks * Soap (bar type) * Hand towels * Lego’s * Toy cars – like Matchbox – Hot wheels * Trucks * Paper/styrofoam/wood airplanes * Dolls * Hair clips * Jewelry – Bracelets – Rings – Necklaces * Purse * Scarf * Bead kits * Jump rope * Jacks * Bible * T-shirts * Shorts/Pants * Age appropriate clothing * Small blankets *

Please no liquids, or war related items. Thanks.

You can send the boxes to us and we will gift wrap them if you like or you may certainly feel free to personalize them yourself. Please wrap the top lid and the bottom separately with generic paper, not holiday or special occasion gift wrap (stars, flowers, stripes, print, you can decorate plain wrap with stickers – whatever moves you). They need to be inspected when they are taken through customs and wrapping the two pieces separately makes it much easier and less time consuming to process. In order to help defray the shipping and transportation costs PLEASE include a check or money order made payable to Trinity’s Angels for $7.50.

Shipping Address:  Trinity’s Angels * c/o 452 Cooper Lane  * Coppell, TX 75019.

If you live in the Dallas area we can pick them up for you. Just email us and let us know how many you have and we will contact you to set up a pick up time. Your help and support as always is so greatly appreciated and doesn’t go unrecognized.

Individually YOU can make a Difference. Together we will make an Impact.

Pay It Forward.