Many people have asked for a list of suggested items to fill the boxes. Diligently we are compiling a list; one for boys and one for girls. Late today we hope to have it online here in the blog. Then we can save it as a link for you to use as future reference not only for yourself but to send it onto everyone you know. So far in the past two days we’ve had 150 page views of this blog. I admit I probably had about 25 of those the first day! But you are being really awesome about sending this link to other people and coming back to read it.

Completed boxes – 2      Promised boxes – 120 to date   Original goal – 200 boxes

REVISED GOAL – let’s kick it up a notch – 400 boxes by the first of December. We can do it.

(Oops – I forgot to run that by the Board of Directors – but they’ll be on “board” with it. Just write your comments in the blog and let them know you are behind the new goal – it’s only 50/month – just about 12/week – 2/day – between all of us that can be done). Many hands make light work.