Now that a list of suggested items has been posted that you can use to fill the gift boxes it would be a great idea to back up a few steps (see prior blog entry). For those of you who know me I tend to get ahead of myself, over-exuberant and overly excited. Go figure. At times, if you can imagine, I wonder why people look at me with a puzzled expression. Then I realize all the plans, thoughts and ideas that have been rattling around in my head are still there, unvocalized, and not conveyed to the people that need to know them the most. In this case the supporters and volunteers of Trinity’s Angels. So – I’ll take a breath and fill in the big picture.

The basic mission of Trinity’s Angels is to provide relief and resources to underprivileged children around the world based on Christian principles of giving and service. Working through churches, orphanages, shelters, Trinity’s Angels will be there as a front line support system to lend a helping hand and provide rays of hope in lives of hardship. The first phase will be delivering gift filled boxes to children to let them know they are important and to help them feel special and loved. And we need to do this on a consistent and continuing basis. When the boxes are delivered, volunteers will stay an additional 3-5 days to provide hands-on support and assistance to the facilities dedicated to helping underprivileged children on a “greatest need basis.” Trinity’s Angels will pitch in with the best of our collective abilities wherever the facility deems the greatest need is at that time whether helping with building maintenance, painting, meal preparation/kitchen service, housekeeping, recreation, etc.

We have chosen to start in Lima, Peru. From there other locations will be added as gift boxes from all of you pour in and we obtain more and more donations and resources. We are rapidly putting together fund raising ideas and also plan to apply for grants to help fund the program, as soon as our non profit staus is approved by the IRS. We are not waiting until that approval to actively ASK for help! If you don’t ask you won’t get. Ultimately Trinity’s Angels would like to be involved in providing aid and resources for improving food supplies and nutrition, medical aid and housing. But that takes time and so we will start one step at a time.

For each of us there is a moment of discovery for the purpose of our lives. Some people are called to give of their time, money, and/or talents, while others are called to serve on the “front lines.” No matter your calling, each area is of extreme importance and serves a greater purpose. These children are ready to receive whatever it is you have to give. We can use your help and know that you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Pay It Forward. Please.