WOW – 225 hits to the blog. I am so amazed at the activity we are receiving. The majority of those hits are now looking at the list of suggested items. That means you are getting on board with this project and finding lots of shoe boxes to fill! THANK YOU. Feel free to comment or email and let us know if you have suggestions that would be helpful to others.

Yesterday I took the remaining donations that we receive and went back to the Dollar Store. There were many new and fun items. I got so excited about the choices that I played and laughed my way through the store filling a large cart full of treasures, imagining each child as they will open the box to find gifts chosen especially for them. I cannot begin to imagine the joy and excitement they will feel. The only thing I can imagine is that I will be crying like a baby watching it all unfold. Humbled and honored to be a small part of the big picture. I find tears rolling down my cheeks now as I fill a box, work on a blog entry – even starting to fill out the mountainous IRS paperwork. – go figure that one. Then again for those of you who know me it is not too much of a stretch to think I would be reduced to tears.

A couple of people in the store asked what I was doing and others looked at me as though I needed to be committed. I have been to this store so many times this past week I feel as though I live there. You know something is not quite right when the employees at the Dollar Store recognize you and greet you! Not quite on a first name basis yet. I checked out with 8 bags filled to overflowing with items waiting for empty shoe boxes. Nicky – time to get shoe shopping – hurry, hurry, hurry – we need more boxes! We have 8 boxes wrapped, filled and ready to go – from our first shopping excursion and it feels wonderful.

I know my neighbors are laughing hysterically at me as they walk by my house. I keep going to the front door and opening it and closing it, constantly and continuously to see if UPS/ FEDEX/ DHL or the Post Office has left any boxes for Trinity’s Angels. (Yes I know if I left the front door open it wouldn’t be so obvious that I have lost my mind). And I do this well into the middle of the night. I know better. I know nothing will be delivered at 2 am – but then again you have to Hope, Dream and Believe. The 3 core words of Trinity’s Angles. Hopefully soon we will have the logo ready and I will post that so you can see how awesome GOD’s logo is. Consider this…my two boys are away in college and I have 2 rooms that can be filled FULL of shoe boxes. I challenge us all to fill those rooms and see just how fast we can accomplish this event. (Not to worry Sean and Mike, there will be places for you to sleep when you come home to visit).

Trying to walk a life of obedience I am finding to be challenging and at times difficult. At other times sad and disappointing. Still we walk forward. When I take the focus off of myself and put it on others and go out and serve life is GREAT! Taking it one baby step at a time.

Baby Steps in Christ,