Nicky was out of town with family this past Easter weekend and we missed her. She is fun, lively, energetic, crazy, comical, brightens up a room and is full of life. OK and you can hear her coming from a mile away. Actually that’s the good part. You know fun is definitely on the way. My desire is that all of you have the opportunity to meet her and know her heart. You will not forget her and you will be better for it. And … Pray for her – she is learning a few words of Spanish for the upcoming trips. Maybe a good thing – but just in case… pray. We may find ourselves in situations we never thought we’d encounter because of a few misunderstood words! Comprende? Yikes.

I can definitely say I missed her enthusiasm especially while shopping – it’s just not the same talking to yourself! People think you are absolutely crazy. At least when she is there no one thinks I have lost it completely. See if you take the focus off of yourself then life looks brighter. Meaning if I point to her and shake my head while people are looking at us they tend to sympathize with me. I think they do wonder what we are up though.

Seriously Nicky – you were missed and we are glad you are back. Did you bring us any shoe boxes???????????????????????????????

Lesa too was out of town with family. I felt like the lone ranger. She is the person I go to for accountability. She is wise and walks the walk. She can help make sense out of the confusion and resets the path when you wander off. I am blessed to have her as a sounding board. Poor thing I think she gets a workout from our “sessions.” I know she probably rolls her eyes and tries to hide when she hears me coming. Lesa  is fun, makes you laugh and has the personality that draws you to her. She is magnetic. People know her and love her. Lesa knows no strangers – only strangers she has yet to meet. She can get to the core of a person in nothing flat and the good thing is you feel great afterwards!

Glad you are back Lesa safe and sound.

Next shopping trip – Lesa’s going. Trust me we will not have to drag her kicking and screaming. She will be the first one in the car ready for shopping, wondering why it took us so long to get going. It will be a riot and I promise to report it all to you.

Shopping and Serving Him,