Since we are waiting for a few things to be approved and returned in regards to Trinity’s Angels organizational setup, things have slowed down a bit. Ideas are still in development and we are still trying to design the logo and come up with business cards, ideas for things to sell to raise money such as t-shirts, baseball caps, etc while at the same time promoting the organization. If anyone knows of a graphic artist we could sure use the help.

Nicky and I booked our flights to Peru for the upcoming weekend in August that we serve on Tres Dias (see sidebar link). At least we have bulkhead seats for our long flight. Oh yeah  – you know it – we got ’em. Oh yeah. Good seats – can’t wait! But ouch that was expensive – well we used out frequent flyer miles and that pretty much wiped each of us out. But it will be an over the top experience because we’ll be serving others and also making contact with local orphanages, churches and shelters to find out where the greatest need is for Trinity’s Angels. Definitely it has turned into a dual purpose trip. Hopefully we’ll be able to post from there so you can hear the excitement, adventure and progress of it all. If not then we’ll relay messages to Lesa somehow. Unfortunately posting may not be her strong suit. But she can sure send a text message. That girl has it goin’ on in that arena. So, be prepared because she loves texting around midnight. Oh and we also need help if any of you know someone in the freight/overseas shipping business. Boy we have alot of needs. They keep cropping up little by little.

Lesa and Nicky went to a real estate seminar this afternoon. That in itself is not big news. But wait……. I came back to the office to talk with them for awhile after a real estate closing and they weren’t there. I kept checking, searching, walking around the building trying to find them and nothing! No one had seen them for hours and hours and hours. OK so that in itself is not big news either.  Finally I just knew they were playing a trick and shopping at the Dollar Store without me. Alas the depression. The sadness, the feeling of being left out. Missing out on a shopping extravaganza I just couldn’t bear. So I called Nicky and said loudly into the phone, “Are you two shopping at the Dollar Store without me?” All I heard on the line was the two of them and hysterical laughing. After a few minutes of listening to that Nicky said in her endearing way ” No you freak! We are on our way back to the office.” Somehow when she calls you a freak you don’t take it personally. Hmmmmmm. Still I know they were out shopping for things to fill the boxes. It’s ok – it’s all good. Little do they know I hit a new Dollar Store this afternoon! Now that’s the BIG news. But we’ll keep that a secret between us. I think I am going to buy stock in that store.

Keep Paying It Forward.