I am headed to Miami this weekend to hang with a friend. He just had gastric bypass surgery and is doing well. He says it hurts to laugh so you know that is what I’ll be trying to accomplish – they say laughter is the best medicine! And you thought I was going to be playing in South Beach – drinking margaritas. Not my scene – well maybe the margaritas !! OK I am no Florence Nightingale so this will be a stretch. Hope he’s a good patient or at least has some patience. He is a dear friend of mine – speaks Spanish and I am hoping to get him caught up in Trinity’s Angels! He won’t see it coming is what I am hoping. We need a good interpreter! This is just to say that I have already written some entries so just because I am not in Dallas doesn’t mean I haven’t prepared lovely tales for your reading pleasure! Sit back, take a load off and enjoy.

Do you realize we will all be connected through Trinity’s Angels like a beautifully handcrafted tapestry? I find that utterly remarkable. Through a simple act of charitable giving our lives will be woven, intertwined throughout each others. Although we may not ever meet one another or all the children that will receive GOD’s gifts through, us we are connected. That is spectacular.

Have an over the top weekend.