Much like a prior entry I wrote about constantly checking the front door to see if any boxes had arrived for Trinity’s Angels, I have developed a new habit – running to the mailbox to check for the articles of incorporation from the state so we can file for non-profit status. At least I am figuring that between the two forms of physical activity I can give up my gym membership since I’m getting so much exercise this way. And I figure it’s enough money to fill another box for the kids. If running to the mailbox became an Olympic sport sign me up – one GOLD medal for Trinity’s Angels.

I thought I would ask GOD for patience in this area but then caught myself and thought better of it. Nice try GOD! Last time I did that it was an endurance test and HE showed me just how “out of shape” I was. Silly me, I thought HE would just pour down patience. I would be filled up and get the meaning in a matter of minutes or hours but certainly not days. Never did I think it would take a year or more. And I didn’t have a clue that when I kept asking for patience HE kept giving it to me. In HIS own time and HIS own way. He had a better idea. He showed me what patience really meant and meant and meant. He made patience an ongoing lesson. I think it took a couple of years before I “got” patience. Maybe that’s why I wince at those “got” milk commercials. It’s like reliving the patience lesson over and over and over. GOD has a sense of humor!

Be Careful what you Ask For !!!

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In Service,