In our self-absorbed culture we often think of how something will benefit us. How it will better our lives. The popular “what’s in it for me” psychology. Trinity’s Angels provides the opportunity to take the focus off of ourselves and redirect it. Promise you I don’t mean to always keep asking you to give and give and give. I just hope you will stretch your thinking and in turn you will be led to stretch your giving. Don’t give until it hurts  – you won’t ever want to give again. Just give until you begin to feel something. Chances are it won’t be painful – it will be fun and pleasureable. Then you’ll be hooked and want to do it all over again. And we will be ready to receive on the behalf of the children of Trinity’s Angels. If this there was an example of a WIN-WIN situation this is it. The kids win and the givers win. What more could you ask for???

THANK YOU for being a part of this fledgling group and listening and supporting. You are appreciated.

In Him,