The mail brought unwelcome news yesterday afternoon that our name “Trinity’s Angels” is too close to apparently another company that had filed 7 years ago with the State of Texas as “Trinity Angels.” They deal with angels and their meaning and interpretations. According to the state the two names are too close and could be considered deceptive in terms of confusing consumers. I have to admit that it took the wind out from under my sails. I know there will be setbacks and things to overcome and push through along the way but I was hoping to ride the wave of jubilation a bit longer. After a few hours of trying to come up with something new this materialized – Trinity’s Angels Missions Group. Or at least we’ll attempt to refile under that name. We still have the website name www.Trinity’ that we are working on. And we’ll continued to be known as Trinity’s Angels. This setback is just a formality and is how we are looking at it. Staying positive and focused on our direction. Never give up. To paraphrase Thoreau – go confidently in the direction of your dreams. And believe me we are doing just that.

The wind came right back and filled up the sails again as two very generous donations were received from Stephenie Barker and Peggy Santmeyer. Stephenie also handed me a shoebox with the check and is allowing us to fill boxes for her. When they are completed we’ll show them to her so she can see the finished product and be able to see how far her contribution went. The same goes for Peggy. We are so grateful and appreciative of their financial contribution and support. And that lifted me way up, knowing we can fill another 10-15 boxes. Now how’s that for elation! I’ll take the inconvenience of dealing with the state on our name registration and the rejection as long as I know we have your support and our project will make a difference in the lives of many children. And that has just been reinforced yet again today with their donations.  So you know what this means … Nicky goes shopping for shoes ! We need the empty boxes. Seems to be a familiar pattern evolving here. JUST LOVE IT!

Next week we’ll head back out for a shopping spree and let you know how that goes. Lesa’s invited too! Can’t wait to get her on a shopping marathon. It will be fun to watch her expressions and the fun shine through as she plays with everything and piles the shopping cart full. Maybe I’ll sneak a camera in so you can see the carts we fill and catch a glimpse of the craziness.

Meanwhile boxes and items to fill those boxes are piling up in one of my son’s rooms. Next week we’ll also have a box wrapping and box filling party. A little pizza, a little music, a little fun and loads of blessings for children who do not even know it yet! Children who have no idea that they are being held up, thought of and sought out. How amazing is that. Future blessings! Each child is special. Each box is special and designed with a specific child in mind even though we don’t know exactly who that child is yet. Is that not fun or what?Each day we get a little closer to our first delivery! I just can’t wait. And better yet I can’t wait to post the pictures online of the kids and their boxes so you can see how much your donations and support mean.