This time I got wise and emailed the Secretary of the State to do a preliminary check on Trinity’s Angels Mission Group. It seemed that they could give me a faster response and if it all worked out then I could refile and not have to wait a week for a rule on the name. 24 hours later the rejection came. Still too close to the other company. Although the wind did not completely die out of my sails this time it did make me coast a bit. One step ahead though – I have another name in mind that came actually before I got the notification. The Mission Group. But then I talked to Nicky and we came up with Angel Missions. Then Trinity’s Angels can be a division of that non-profit entity. Thinking in the future it will provide an opportunity to create and develop other divisions such as housing support, medical support, nutritional support, etc. This will  be the 3rd time to submit an application for our corporate non-profit name. Three’s a charm – Aha – The Trinity – Aha – Trinity’s Angels. Maybe a stretch but I’m hanging onto it!

May you always have an Angel by your side.