First let me say I am not Ansel Adams so my photographic skills definitely leave something to be desired. I promise to get a better shot of the boxes – at least a better backdrop. For now this is an example of what the boxes contain. Coloring book, crayons, markers or paints, stuffed animal, sunglasses, hair items for girls, combs for boys, toothbrush, toothpaste, balls, candy, small Frisbee, ball, ruler, paper, jump rope, socks and a few other small items to fill in the spaces.


This is actually two boxes jam packed with fun things. I know, I know the picture doesn’t do justice to the actual contents of the box and how good they look. We all have our talents though, right !!? And you’re thinking, rightfully so, this is not one of Stephanie’s ! I agree. Lesa is the one who can really “stage” something. We’ll get her working on it.

This next picture is what the first $100 in donations bought from the first 2 contributions. Filled an entire bed. It was absolutely unbelievable to me when I took everything out of the bags and laid it all out. I knew it was an entire cart full but I didn’t realize it was this much. That money sure when a long, long way. Yippee ! Yahoo ! Although you can’t see all the items, know that some of the packages have 2-8 items each so they actually go alot further in terms of how many kids will be receiving something fantastic.