Hope. Dream. Believe.

Those 3 words make up the core of Trinity’s Angels philosophy. They are intertwined and build upon one another.

Hope does not take away your problems but it can certainly lift you high above them.

Dream and your world becomes vibrant and alive.

Believe that you will be changed by your life events but not be reduced by them.

I can’t stop thinking, planning and organizing in my head all the details about Trinity’s Angels. I can’t imagine not carrying this through in my lifetime and through eternity. It is the first thing I think of just as soon as I wake up and it is the very last thing I remember right before I head off at night to dream. It is so strong that there are hours and days that it feels astronomical. There were times that I could feel the dream of this organization even before the idea was born. It was and is overwhelming.

* More than moving from California to Texas, away from the familiarity and support of family and friends, and raising 2 terrific young men (that I could not be more proud of) as a single parent.

* More than losing my very special, awesome grandmother, Marguerite, before I could really tell her how much I love her and have her see how greatly her influence has materialized and is showing in my life in the past several years.

* More than losing my dad, Robert, to a brain tumor in just a little over 7 weeks from diagnosis to his final breath.

* More than living through both uterine and breast cancers scares without telling anyone so they wouldn’t worry several years ago.

To me, during those particular times, these life events were overwhelming. But there

was always a feeling of HOPE, even if it was only a tiny glimmer, and it carried me through those times. And now Trinity’s Angels has become overwhelming to me. It has taken on a life of it’s own. Continuing to unfold and reveal the plan that GOD has for this organization. There are things that are surfacing that I have never done before and do not know how to accomplish yet alone even know where to begin. It is what I live and breathe. It is a DREAM and I absolutely BELIEVE with the help and support of people like each of YOU it will be a huge success.

So in the vein of transparency you know how much Trinity’s Angels and it’s success means to me. It is a responsibility and purpose that I do not take lightly. Not for one minute. And I humbly thank GOD for that blessing.

Transparent In His Mighty Grip,