A few years ago I often instigated random acts of kindness. Much in the same vein as “paying it forward.” Unfortunately I don’t do it as much today as I should. I need to pay attention to that again. Simply all that it involved was going out and doing something nice for someone with or without them knowing who the “donor” was. Paying the few extra cents or a dollar at the checkout counter if someone was short. Sending someone a handwritten note, making a call to a friend or acquaintance just to “pop” into their day and see how they are doing – for no other reason. Leaving a small token of friendship on the doorstep of my friends homes. Opening a door for a stranger or for someone struggling with kids and/or packages in their hands. Helping someone in need. Taking in the trash cans after garbage pick-up at my neighbors house – just because. Waving and smiling to a stranger. But the best random acts were those done without anyone knowing. Dropping off a small bouquet of flowers or a balloon bouquet to someone at the front desk of a business – someone I didn’t know – just to brighten their day.  You see that is where you feel the true spirit of giving. That’s where it lies – in doing something good, nice, worthwhile for someone without any glory.

And that my friends is what you are all doing through Trinity’s Angels when you send in those filled gift boxes and donations. You are doing something for someone else without an individual thank you or glory. That’s what it is all about.

“Continue to be who and how you are… to astonish a mean world with your Acts of Kindness.”  Maya Angelou

Paying It Forward,