Without further ado it is my honor to present to you the infamous Lesa Stuart………


Believe it or not this is the woman that I go to for guidance! Someone has to keep us in line and on track.

Lesa is the accountability person for Trinity’s Angels – no not in terms of accounting, finance or money as you might guess from this picture of her with her sunglasses.  She is the one that we rely on for making sure that we are headed in the right direction and always keeping our focus on the true mission of this ministry. Plus this girl can pray !!!! And we can all use that in our lives. Her words of wisdom are invaluable and in the culture of excess that we live in she grounds us gracefully. She does look “maaahhvelous” in those glasses don’t you think??? Plus they add a nice touch for fund raising. Did I mention that we fondly call her the “BUS?” That stands for “Bucks Up Stuart.” So you can see it was only a logical choice that these sunglasses had her name all over them !!!

Lesa is a great sport and is definitely willing to go along with the jokes and games that Nicky and I involve her in. But don’t be fooled – she can be a great instigator as well. Lesa is one of the first members of the board of directors and will be an outstanding asset to Trinity’s Angels. She brings wisdom, grounding, biblically based advice and a true servant’s heart to this mission. Her contribution to the start-up of this organization will surely be invaluable. Now if we could only get her to commit to actually going to Peru. We promise to keep working on getting her there. She’ll go … she just doesn’t know it quite yet !!

And now I present … The one, The only, The crazy and The comical ….Nicky Boyd!


Nicky has so much enthusiasm it is contagious.  She can be over the top which is exactly where we need to be to impact this world. Don’t you just love the over sized calculator? There are big things in store ahead and what better way to keep track of it all. We believe the donations will be continuous and add up quickly. We know we’ll have big numbers of boxes to deliver. So when we asked Nicky to tally up the donations and gift boxes that have been filled to this point it was no wonder she didn’t think twice about using a calculator that was BIG enough to fill the bill.

Nicky has a fun filled personality and can get you laughing in no time. Her smile is contagious and she will draw many people to this organization with her magnetism, open and inviting spirit and of course her “elevated” voice. That’s the politically correct way to say loud voice. But in a good and positive way! She is the first person I talked to about this concept and it was during that conversation that the Trinity’s Angels name was developed. From the very first moment she was on board with this project and couldn’t wait to get started. You can give her a concept, project or even the beginning of an idea and she will run with it getting it to where it needs to be to be finalized. Ask her to help you with whatever you are trying to accomplish and she is right there willing to pitch in.

Nicky is also on the Board of Directors. She adds a great perspective and limitless energy. Boy are we going to rely on her for that in the upcoming months.  I am so excited that she will be traveling on location when we deliver the gifts. Her flexibility and “can-do” attitude make her a priceless asset. Plus she’s one heck of a Dollar store shopper. She knows what lies ahead and what she has committed to with Trinity’s Angels and it doesn’t phase her. Bring it On!