You asked for it – now you’ve got it – the 3 of us in our designer shades!


We thought maybe we could use this for business cards or marketing materials –  but then we thought better of it. OK our accountability person – Lesa – thought better of it. And that settled the issue. This picture was taken Lesa’s office – the place where things are talked out, revised, and re-worked. Actually it’s the place I literally run to around the corner from my office when an idea has popped into my head that I feel can’t hold in and feel compelled to share with anyone who will listen, or we have received another donation. We don’t have a “true” office for Trinity’s Angels yet. We figure that we can use Lesa’s office or my house – we want to put ALL of the money into gifts and items that will directly benefit the kids.

The the other day I went to my office and outside the door was an empty shoe box. I actually thought that was the best gift I could receive. It symbolized one box, one empty vessel waiting to be filled not only with material items but also with gifts of compassion, charity, caring and abundant love that would be delivered to one very special child. Affecting the children of the world one by one by one.

So to each of you individually from each of us ….. in sign language ……


                        I LOVE YOU 

for your support

for your enthusiasm for this project

for your shoe boxes – both filled and waiting to be filled

for your donations

for being who you are.