There are 2 additional board members that need introduction. Drum roll please …

One is Sean McLaughlin. No getting around it with the same last name he is my son and the developer of the weblog site. We NEED him in this rapidly changing technology arena. An area he has grown up with and is comfortable around. He is willing to dive in and work on something to get it done. If he doesn’t know how to do it he’ll research the Internet, read or network with friends to find the answer. He’ll provide a young perspective to the board. No doubt – he graduates this month from USC (The University of Southern California for those of you who are not die hard Trojans fans – Fight On!). Congratulations Sean. He has always been a huge supporter of whatever endeavor I have undertaken and provides welcome encouragement and unique insight. He has a great heart and is a very caring person. There is deep emotion and compassion that runs through him. Excited about photography, we’ll rely on him to also capture our trips on camera so we can post the images online, Then you’ll be able to see how your contributions are alive and making a difference. I’ll be honored to have him accompany us on Trinity’s Angels trips when he can.


This is my family. Michael is on the left (you’ll read about him below), that’s me in the middle and Sean is on the right.

Next is Tina Earhart. I met Tina while serving with her on a Tres Dias weekend here in the Dallas area just a little over 2 months ago. She will be also serving on the same Tres Dias weekend as Nicky and I this coming August in Peru. You know that will be an awesome trip full of fun, laughter and blessings. Seriously my life has gotten better knowing her. Tina is someone you meet and never forget. Compassionate, caring, helpful, serious and fun all at the same time. She has a huge servant’s heart that seems to be boundless and she radiates her love for the Lord. Tina will step in and step up to do whatever is asked of her without a comment or complaint. Just because it needs to be done. Being around her lifts your spirit and leaves you feeling re-energized and refreshed. She greets everyone with a smile and a hug. Well grounded, with a solid foundation she will provide Trinity’s Angels with reason and logic and will be a fantastic sounding board. I know there is something big brewing for her at Trinity’s Angels. We’ll see how that all plays out.


Tina is on the left – don’t you love her smile? Ana Moner is on the right. She will be the head of the Tres Dias Peru weekend. An incredible woman.

One more person I would like to mention is my other son Michael. He attends A&M University in College Station, Texas. Although not currently on the board he will be an integral part of this mission. Children are drawn to him. No matter where we are a child will just watch him and smile, trying to get and keep his attention. The interaction is fun to watch and will be amazing to see on our trips. He also plays an awesome guitar and although he doesn’t know it yet – we’ll need to him to play it so we can sing while we’re “out in the field.” OK well not heavy metal style music. The kids will go crazy for him and the music. Although he won’t admit it Mike has a very compassionate spirit for helping others. Yeah Michael I’m talking about you!

There may be other initial board members. For now, we’ll sit with 5. It is a commitment of time, effort, money and spirit. Each one was chosen because of their willingness to meet those needs. I can’t wait to see how this will all come together for God’s glory.

5 In His Grip,