As we head into the upcoming hot months here in Dallas I am praying hard that this snowball effect will not melt. What I am talking about is the willingness of people to forward these weblog entries to friends all over the world and in turn they are forwarding them to their friends and it is snowballing. The number of hits to the site is rising. We are getting promises of donations and shoe boxes from people I don’t know and am not quite sure how they found out about Trinity’s Angels. It doesn’t matter – we’ll accept whatever they have to offer and we’ll count them as new friends.

Last week a donation came from Clovia Sykes. There it was – a fantastic check in the mailbox for this program. You know I still run to my mailbox everyday to see what is being delivered for Trinity’s Angels. I can’t wait for the day when the post office has to deliver the donations in a box to the doorstep because they won’t fit in the mailbox. Woohoo – that will be the day – you’ll hear me yelling for joy around the world. And trust me I have a BIG, BIG voice. OK – Mom, Auntie Sandy, Sean, Mike, Nicky, Lesa, Cindy, Tina and Jill can stop shaking their heads in agreement right about now that I am loud, loud, loud. And – I do get it – baby steps first. One donation at a time and believe me I love that. Anyway back to the story … Peggy Santmeyer had sent Clovia an email letting her know about this weblog. Peggy is a friend and our office manager at RE/MAX. She also made a financial contribution (see past blog entry). I was surprised when Peggy sent me a response from Clovia saying she wanted to donate and where could she send money. WOW – and we don’t even have non-profit status yet! I was touched. THANK YOU Clovia. You Rock.

And the realization swept over me about the power and snowball effect of email. If you forward it to a few friends and they forward it to a few and so on and so on the possibilities are endless. Please, please, please keep this snowball growing.

Serving Him,