After dragging my feet hoping to be able to apply to the state for incorporation under the name “Trinity’s Angels” I sent in the application under the name The Cornerstone of Angels. (see prior blog for that long story – don’t forget to get a snack before reading it – it’s a long read). I am still fighting in my head to hang onto the Trinity’s Angels name. Pray! It will be used somewhere I just am not sure how we can legally use it. Anyway – the charity is at least recognized by the state which allows us to move forward. Now off to an attorney to finalize the filing for non-profit status with the IRS. Pray for funding – need $750 to actually file. It will come.

Several times I have come into work and found empty shoe boxes in shopping bags hanging on my door handle! It brings such a huge smile to my face.  I love it so please keep it coming. Plus it prompts questions and interest from all who see the boxes. Even received some empty boxes from my mom in California! That was fun. We’ve gotten more pledges for funds and completed boxes. Friends — we are on our way and after receiving our non-profit status we feel it will really begin to flow. Thank you. Thank you.

In Him,