OK – maybe Nicky is right … I am a freak. But in a good way. I can’t wait to get empty shoe boxes – OK filled would be better but I adore the empty ones. Today was our weekly bible study. We are fortunate to work for a company that gives us a place to hold our studies. Afterwards I went back to my office and AGAIN there was a bag full of empty shoe boxes – 6 in all. Time for celebration.

Some people will contribute boxes – empty and filled, others will donate money, yet others will offer their time and energy to fill them and others offer prayer. They are all important components of this whole process. Each one is special and cherished by all of us. The room in my house dedicated to this venture is rapidly filling up. Each day I walk by that room my spirits are lifted by your support.

Most people would say OK get excited when they are filled. When they are shipped and on their way. When they are delivered. And that will happen. But right now – realistically these boxes mark the beginning. The start of opportunity, of smiles, of hope for each of the children. They will be outward reminders of the inner love that has gone into completing each gift box. From the person dropping it off, to whomever fills it, to those involved with shipping, from those that are praying for The Cornerstone of Angels and each child who will be touched. It marks the beginning of the process. I love the simplicity of it all. That these boxes normally discarded and considered at the end of their useful purpose will be re-energized and provide the material “cornerstone” for the purpose of this organization.

Love Empty Shoeboxes!