Last month the woman that cuts my hair gave me the name of a lady that had gone to Lima, Peru through her church. Teresa said that it sounded as though we might be able to network off of one another since our charitable plans both included Peru and it sounded as though our interests might be similar. Janice had met and befriended several locals during her time in Lima and after a couple of trips ended up buying land outside the city with plans to keep going back and helping the people in the area. I meant to call her but never did even though I carried her phone number in my wallet. I knew I should have called to talk with her and see if she could give me some pointers or knew of some places we could take our gift boxes. She lives in the same town as I do so arranging a meeting would be easy. I just never made the call. GOD had other plans.

Friday I went back to Teresa’s hair salon, Sheer Design, to get my hair cut and Janice was there for an appt right after me! I usually go in the mornings and she on the weekends. So we would never had met under normal circumstances. Each of us smiled knowing that GOD had bigger plans and that Janice and I needed to meet. I even pulled out her phone number to show that the meeting had been “in the works.”

She spoke of the overwhelming poverty in Peru and the passion she has to help the locals. She explained about the lack of living essentials, school supplies, shoes, and glasses among other items. We spoke for a long while with the intention to keep in contact. Turns out she will be in Peru when Nicky and I go for Tres Dias. We plan to meet in the city where she has bought land near Lima so that we can see El Buen Pastor, The Good Shepherd – a local church, that she is involved with. We are excited to have the chance to see what she is doing there so we can hopefully supplement it. In December she plans to go back at the same time we had originally planned to deliver the gift boxes! It is amazing and our meeting one another is definitely being orchestrated not by our power or efforts but by GOD’s.

We’ll see where it takes us. I have a really good idea that this is going to be AMAZING.

In Him,