I can’t believe it. Last week I was talking to Lesa and Nicky about the next step of our organization which is the filing of the IRS nonprofit paperwork. It costs $750 to file and the papers have to be complete and without error. An attorney is recommended so as soon as I finish the projected financial statements for the next 3 years I will find one that can look over the papers – quickly – so that we are not charged alot for legal fees. The $750 the IRS requires is a large amount and I was not at all sure where we were going to get that.

My mom had sent me a check for my birthday (50 – yikes!) a little over a week ago. OK it was early by about 2-1/2 months and was intended for my ticket to Peru for Tres Dias. The check ended up being for more than the ticket and so she said to use it for whatever I wanted. So it goes to my passion – half of it will go to the filing fee. As I related the story to Lesa and Nicky one day last week, Lesa went into her office and then came back with some cash. It was as though she had a Brinks truck in there or something! Nice – no wonder they call her the “BUS” – Bucks Up Stuart! Then a few days later I got a really wonderful surprise from Nicky. She brought in a plant, a sweet note with beautifully written words on a card and a check! She said in her note not to say that it was too much – well it was – but it was accepted in the spirit in which she gave it. Now WE HAVE ALL THE MONEY FOR THE FILING FEES. How awesome is that? Boxes keep coming in – empty and filled. I can’t wait until we are at this full force with the non-profit status. Imagine what is going to happen.

We are Angels with only one wing. We cannot fly until we embrace one another.

Luciano Cresenzo.