Last week I received a shipment of empty boxes from my mom in California. She had picked them up from Stein Mart where she works part-time. They saved them for her to send to Trinity’s Angels. OK – I know I am different since I even like getting empty shoe boxes! Somehow they are in their own way just as exciting as the filled ones. They are an empty place that will be turned into a beautiful scene. As I was taping them together (she had sent them broken down to ship easier) I realized that we as a group are making them whole again. Putting them all back together into a state of purpose and usefulness. A condition of wholeness.

Just as we feel broken down at times, ultimately we are “put back together” either by someone we know, someone who remains faceless and/or nameless and even casual acquaintances who enter our lives for a specific purpose or reason. Different people are brought into our lives at the precise moment necessary to “put it all back together” again. To get us on the road to healing. To refocus our way.

As a group we are helping to “put it all back together.” To restore rays of hope and dreams to children and their families throughout the world. We may never know who those people are by name, how how efforts directly affected them or why we were brought into their lives. We may never know when this will happen but we know we have to keep moving forward – doing what we know to do – reach out and touch people. Smile – it’s a great day for “putting it all back together.”

Together in His Grip,