This morning as I was putting the 20+ boxes together that my mom sent, I once again felt an overwhelming need to hurry, to get the boxes packed NOW, shipped NOW. Do not wait. Don’t wait until next week, don’t wait until all the boxes are packed, not until Nicky and I get back from Tres Dias, not for the IRS tax exemption certificate. NOW. I realized that I have so focused on Peru that there are other needs just as important that surround us also requiring action not words, not “wait and let’s see” where we are led.

There are U.S. soldiers asking for things to hand out to the children in Iraq and Afghanistan, they need school supplies and basic necessities of life (please read the June 6th post). This has really touched my heart. No matter your feeling on the war – our focus is on children – no matter where they live. We can certainly send things their way. NOW. We can be obedient NOW. We can touch their lives. NOW.

I had prayed for a service project. God answered. Trinity’s Angels and The Cornerstone of Angels were breathed into life. Then I said OK – let me pray about it! That’s like saying let me procrastinate just a little bit longer and make sure, make absolutely sure that’s where my life purpose should head. I knew He was thinking, “Are you kidding me?” Be obedient and start sending those boxes NOW. What are you waiting for – a rainy day? Well we have had two weeks of those here in Dallas with more to come. Isn’t that enough of a signal? Do I really need to see an ark float by before I get into action and actually send boxes and start touching children worldwide?

Someone asked me if Trinity’s Angels would be able to make a difference when there is so much need. If sending boxes to several different places would be a good idea or would the impact be greater if we focused on one project. Would it ultimately make an overall difference? What? Did I hear right? ABSOLUTELY. I said emphatically. Are you kidding me? – I thought to myself. Thank goodness that the filter on my mouth was working and I didn’t say it out loud.

Consider this…if you don’t do anything you definitely will NOT make a difference. It’s really that simple.

Trinity’s Angels will make a Difference. As I have said before, Individually we can make a Difference..Together we WILL make an Impact. I didn’t mean in just one area, one focus. The thinking was globally. We cannot and will not fail. We are empowered by the Grace of God and the Passion for Service. Now – go out and do something – NOW.

Trinity’s Angels in His Mighty Grip,