Unbelievable. I opened my front door as I do everyday to see if there is anything for Trinity’s Angels. This day there was a huge box from my Auntie Sandy in southern california that had 9 filled gift boxes! It was heavy and I knew it would be filled with great things. I drug the box in the front door and ripped through the package to get to the individual boxes. They were beautifully wrapped with fun bows around them. Curious and excited, I opened each one to “peek” inside. It was so amazing to see all that was included. I actually had tears in my eyes knowing the attention and love that went into creating each one. And then it hit me that soon those boxes would be in the welcoming hands of the children for whom they are intended.

My mom has also sent many “broken down” empty boxes that I have re-constructed so that we have enough boxes to fill. Stein Mart and Payless have given her their “empties” to her and she has forwarded them on. The Trinity’s Angels room in my house is filling up quickly and it’s tough to walk in the room. Yay!!!!! Yay!!!!! Yay!!!!! Before we know it – it will be time to distribute them. It has felt so far into the future. But just as Tres Dias in Peru snuck up upon us, I know this will be the same. NOW THAT WILL BE THE BEST DAY!

Volunteers are our lifeblood. Thanks for all you do.

In His Service,