Tuesday we arrived back at the DFW airport from our Tres Dias trip to Peru  just 24 hours ahead of the 8.0 earthquake that hit south of where we were. All of us arrived back safely and the Peruvian team and their families are all fine as well. A blessing in itself. God’s timing is everything. 

There are literally no words to describe the intensity of the trip we had. Nothing comes close to explain the depth of feeling and emotion that overwhelmed us the majority of the time. We cannot tell you how many tears flowed, how many hugs were given or smiles that shone brightly. We cannot adequately paint a picture of the transformation of the many women on that weekend retreat, from the first day they arrived to the last day when you could see the radiance emanate from within each of them. We can only marvel now at the changes that will occur in their lives and those they touch. We were blessed beyond imagination. We had come, intent on bringing joy and smiles, laughter and blessings to the Peruvian women and were not ready for the blessings that were bestowed upon us. The graciousness, love, sharing and warmth they exuded was without equal. It was humbling and an honor to serve them.

When we first got there we were hoping to get to an orphanage and make contact with a place to begin the work of Trinity’s Angels. Nothing had been planned ahead of time – no organizational meeting – nothing. Nothing felt right. I was worried that we wouldn’t find a place to begin. I told Nicky after being there for a day or so that I didn’t feel anything, not a thing, nothing. This was not the place and I was worried. No draw, no desire, nothing. How were we going to revamp it all, where to begin the search, where was the direction? Literally there was no feeling and I was not sure of the next move. But it didn’t matter because God already had his plan set in motion. I just didn’t know it yet!

When we landed at 2:30 in the morning in Lima after a flight delay in Miami we met 2 women who proved to be the catalyst for our newfound direction. Yanett and Juanita were team members for Peru Tres Dias #2. We only introduced ourselves at that point but little did we know that we had crossed paths with 2 incredibly passionate women of the Lord. As we got to know them they began to share their hearts and the ministries they hoped to develop. The feeling of acknowledgment, of understanding, of direction washed over me as they spoke.  THEN I knew. THEN the plan was laid. THEN the path was set out. And it is with purpose, determination and dedication that we announce our first project will be to help Juanita with her ministry. Assisting with providing clothes and school supplies, food and perhaps medicine to the children in the outskirts of Cuzco. This is where her heart is and where she gets the passion that flows from her voice and soul. Where the need is great and immediate.  Logistics and all of that will be worked out. Now we need money and supplies.

The second will be some type of assistance with special needs children for the mission that is close to Yanett’s heart and soul. However we can provide, in whatever capacity we will stretch ourselves to help make it happen.  To listen to her talk is to get wrapped up in the emotion and power of a dream and purpose. We will follow their lead and be the support and instrument of change in their nation.

Below is a picture of Nicky and I with Yanett.  The second is with Juanita and her two children. A bond between the four of us formed so strong during a short time that it feels as though we have known them for years. We are changed because of them and blessed to know them. They were the first 2 people we met, the ones we were drawn to during the weekend and the last 2 we said goodbye to. From start to finish they were the ones. They were who we were suppose to meet. They opened the door, guided us through and we won’t shut it until the children are taken care of. More to follow – I promise more pictures and more individual stories about the time spent in Lima but for now understand Trinity’s Angels has a renewed purpose and spirit and we are definitely walking in obedience.” You know the walk seems so much easier when you don’t try and fight it and when you are on the right path. As they say in my favorite movie, “Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road…………………………”




I FEEL it moving. I FEEL the change happening in my life. Big things are starting to churn. I FEEL the future starting to unravel and begin to show the pattern of Trinity’s Angels. To say I am scared is an understatement. To say that I do not want to let these women down, to fail them and their ministries, to fail the children is something, well, I can’t say out loud and will not. I claim the power of change and difference. We will be stretched beyond anything we have ever known. Not only Lesa, Nicky and I but everyone who we come in contact with, everyone that takes a leap of faith and helps in whatever capacity that they are called. Everyone who walks with us in obedience. And if that isn’t a JOY I don’t know what is.

In His Grip,