This week has been an emotional one. Much like the last several days of our trip to Peru I find myself recounting events of the prior week and a half and smiling, laughing out loud at times and even tearing up. Although we are home and I am speaking for Nicky again, poor thing, it doesn’t feel like home. It doesn’t feel the same as when we left. Huge pieces of our hearts are in Lima with the incredible Peruvian Tres Dias team.  Something is definitely missing in my home. I feel as though I am taking a pit stop – refueling – and then will race out for the next round. This then feels like a temporary place to regroup, and reconnect before heading out again. This last trip we poured our hearts and souls out. So much so that I stopped one day, drained and overwhelmed, and told Nicky that I had nothing more to give. I was empty. Everything had been poured out willingly and lovingly for the women that attended the retreat. Nicky had done the same.

Nicky has a new job with Fedex/Kinko’s that she starts Sept. 4th. The new position will be a wonderful opportunity for her and she will be able to hopefully figure out the shipping aspect for Trinity’s Angels and provide us with an “in” to reduced rates. Yay. Yet with all of that I find myself left a little sad knowing that a piece of me goes with her to her new job. Yes I can even admit that my eyes are tearing up. Her bright, infectious smile will not be there for me to see on a daily basis, re-igniting the fire inside of me, stirring the craziness, the sometimes far fetched ideas that flow for Trinity’s Angels. I won’t be able to run around the corner and share things face to face. Watch out Lesa – you are now stuck with me and no Nicky for a buffer!!

March 2008 is the next Peru Tres Dias, weekend #3, and I plan to be there. Can’t wait. With that I would like to find the time to stay after weekend #3 and go for an additional 3 weeks down the Amazon visiting villages/tribes along the way on a mission trip with Ray (pictured below), a man from Texas who lives in Lima, whom we met at Tres Dias.


Nicky and are both trying to get back for Peru Tres Dias #4 the first weekend in Nov 2008. With enough begging maybe we can get Lesa to join us. I am also planning to get back in Nov/Dec of this year to start the first distribution of supplies to children in Cuzco. Pray! We can do it. From there – the floodgates I know will open. Watch out for the mighty flood of love, support and joy that will be sent from supporters of Trinity’s Angels to the children of Peru.

Hasta pronto –  In His Grip,