Many people made the trip to  Peru a success. Not only those who traveled from the United States and the women of the Peruvian team but those who prayed for us keeping a hedge of protection around us. It was a success because we walked in obedience doing what we were suppose to do, not what we wanted to do.

Thought I would post a picture of the team from the Dallas area. Hearts, souls and lives were changed not only for the women who attended as candidates but for those of us who served. Unbelievable blessings reigned . Each one of the team contributed immensely to the weekend of ministry and transformation. Each had different responsibilities and they were performed extraordinarily well. So well we were able to view the beautiful tapestry that God had woven for the weekend.


From left to right:

1st row – Odelia Leal, Barbara Valadez, Tina Earhart, Ana Moner, Nicky Boyd, Jill Kenney. 2nd row – Me, John Lewis


This is a picture of part of the entire team for the weekend. TRANSFORMERS OF A NATION! Can’t wait to see what will transpire within the next several years.

Be Blessed,