Hi Everyone,
As you know I have been very bad lately about writing in the Trinity’s Angels blog, which by the way you can now access directly at www.trinitysangels.com. I am making a concerted effort to be better at that. I promise. For the past two months the direction of how to proceed has been brewing yet again and I was just talking to Lesa about this just 2 hours ago! I knew that I needed to get the fire re-ignited with this project. The passion is still there but I was having trouble with the immediate direction that GOD wants this to go. Then I received this email from a serviceman just a few minutes ago and felt compelled to share it with you. God sure has HIS timing down and my “fire” that had been reduced to a slow glow of embers has just been breathed into a firestorm. I Love It. Please read our conversation in the emails below. Yes we all know I love to write and talk but in this case “the read” it is worth it (in my humble opinion!)  As he mentioned there can’t be anything religious sent. As much as I wish that were different I can certainly understand his orders from the military. I am just grateful he can make a difference. And as I wrote in the blog entry pertaining to the military several months back – no matter what your opinion of the war – the soldiers need our support. They are making the ultimate sacrifice on the front lines. The least we can do is provide them much needed support from a grateful nation.
WE CAN HELP. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Just take that first step, step up and reach out. Let’s help this soldier be the bright light in a darkened world for the children of IRAQ. I would absolutely be humbled to send him so many packages that they are overflowing with things to hand out. What an impression he can make for the good.
Since I have not received the non-profit status back yet from the IRS if you feel compelled to make a donation, you would have to trust me and make a check out to me. Or… there are always other options … let me know if you have things you can purchase, per his email – and I will pick them up and get them off to Staff Sergeant Cummins. Or you can buy postage from the post office for $8.95. There are two sizes of boxes that the post office will send for that price no matter the weight. I can get that from you and then pack boxes and send them off. We have quite a few things already sitting in one of my son’s rooms that can be shipped. They are just waiting for postage money. I spoke with the post office and with the upcoming holidays we need to get boxes out asap otherwise they will get bogged down in the increase of mail during this holiday season.
Please – please forward this onto whomever you know – worldwide even! These kids can use our help. Oh and I have attached the picture of the little girl that he talks about in his emails.


I appreciate your kindness and willingness to help, so I’m going to make a special request.  Tonight during our visit it was brought to my attention that the clinic was in dier need of over the counter meds.  Things such as Motrin, Childrens pain relief, and hygene items for females.  The dental side of the clinic doesn’t turn away anyone in pain for treatment but have little to none in the way of post treatment meds.  They are looking to open up a newer clinic but need help from outside agencies for supplies.  They also need the prescription types meds for numbing patients for dental procedures and pain relief.

Tonight there was a little girl whose teeth in the front are full of decay and she doesn’t like to smile.  She is the one I sent you a picture of me holding.  I feel so bad for the kids because they are the ones that suffer the most in these situations.  Also, there is a lady that is 6 months pregnant and will not leave the compound for fear of her life ( she and her family have been marked for death) she is planing to give birth at house there at the compound with her husband delivering the baby.  The people over there will take anything you will send them.

Anything you would like to do will be appreciated and I assure you that any and all that you send will be used the way you want it to be. And of course for the Glory of God.

God bless

Tim Cummins, SSgt

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From: Stephanie McLaughlin [mailto: stephaniem@rmdfw.com]
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 8:05 PM
To: Cummins Timothy W SSgt

Subject: Re: Thanks

Hello Tim,

First please call me Stephanie!!! It’s good to “make your acquaintance!” I so much appreciate the email that you sent. I know that your time is valuable and certainly there are more pressing issues that require your attention. Please know that it did touch my heart that you would take time to respond to my letter.

In that letter I mentioned that I have started an organization,
Trinity’s Angels, to help underprivileged children worldwide. Definitely we can assist you with your request for items for the local children and send you things to help you. So be on the look out for those to come in the next several weeks. I am excited to be able to assist with your requests.

The picture is phenomenal and the little girl is darling Ok – you look good too! Thank you for all that you do there. Thank you for being the light of kindness in a world that has been darkened. You are the example and face of hope to the people you meet everyday and to the local children.

Meanwhile for you I will pray blessings not only for you and the soldiers around you but for your family as well. Thank you. Thank you for the sacrifices that you make and that your family makes as well while you defend our nations’ freedom and make the world a much better place to live.

One of your fans!

Stephanie McLaughlin

“Sent to me via military email Friday October 19, 2007 – we are generally instructed to remove the soldier’s email address before forwarding.So I will absolutely honor that request. I know you all understand.”
Ms. McLaughlin,
Thank you very much for the letter.  Since I signed up with the anyairman program I have been surprised and pleased with the generosity of the folks back home.  I have received about 4 packages since with many different things.  We have most of what we need but getting those little extras is really nice.  Some of the items we enjoy getting is microwave popcorn and kettle corn, we try not to eat too much candy or junk food.  But chocolate candy we make exceptions for.  We are lucky enough to have a microwave.  For the children we visit each week I have received stuffed animals, candy, toothbrushes w/toothpaste, balloons, and vairous other items.  I have been telling people that if they have a Dollar Tree or Five and Dime store nearby that it makes a great place to get small toys, stuffed animals, and stuff.  These kids love soccer and playing sports. My wife is sending me a bunch of soccer shoes and clothing that my kids have outgrown.  There are some shoes that haven’t even been worn and are still new.  With winter approaching warmer clothing will be needed by many of these kids. They accept sizes from infants to 17 yr olds.  Last week someone brought about 15 soccer balls and there still wasn’t enough to go around.  I’ll attach a picture of a little girl that kind of attached herself to me last week.  They are so sweet but live in a world that doesn’t help them to grow up to stay that way. For them it a survival thing.  Anything you would like to send  would be great, coloring books and crayons are super.  Just don’t sent any religious related material. I know that is sad but we cannot promote christianity here to the locals, it’s against one of our General Orders.  So we just have to be good examples through kindness.  By the way, Although I am guard I was once stationed at Dyess AFB in Abilene TX a long time ago.
Tim Cummins, SSgt
Stephanie McLaughlin