<p>It’s a glorious day! The first 3 boxes were shipped to SSG Tim Cummins for the IRAQI children and it feels like we we have sent millions of them! Crazy I know. Thanks mom for sending money for shipping. It will cover 11 boxes in total. Yay. It is good to know that we can fill the gap for this soldier who stands the gap for us. </p>
<p>As the boxes were stuffed full of toys, some clothing and hygiene items I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed again at all the need in this world. And if I let myself go and think TOO much then it becomes an insurmountable task. So one box at a time. One child at a time. We will make a difference one life at a time. I smiled knowing that these things that you have all helped to contribute are going to bring joy to these children. You are their lights in this sometimes dark world. We have prayed over the boxes and inside there is an &quot;angel&quot; shaped card that has the Trinity’s Angels name on it and the back says that &quot;This box has been prayed over by:&quot; and then the names of those that specifically prayed are written on the card. On the outside of the box the same angel shaped card is taped to the box as identification. </p>
<p>The lady at the post office was so sweet. She saw the angel and asked what it was about. So I told her. What a bonus that the shape would spark someone’s curiosity. This is so exciting I can’t begin to tell you. This dream is moving forward and will take on an identity of it’s own.</p>
<p>In His Mighty Grip,</p>