Wow – in just one week the shoe boxes that we sent arrived in Iraq for the children. Tim sent me an email to let me know they were there and he planned to get them to the kids on his weekly visit. Yeah. As soon as I get pictures I will post them so you can see what joy and fun your contributions bring to the children.

I have 3 more to send and then 3 more and then 3 more and so on! We can send only 3/day – a military request otherwise it can bog down the system if everyone sent alot all at once. I can understand that. My hope that is that we keep this soldier busy delivering “hope” to the Iraqi children.

Meanwhile I am putting together items for Peru too. Michael’s had a great sale on plain t-shirt. 6/$10. So I bought 12. Then overnight I thought about it and went back on the second and last day of the sale and bought 30 more! Someone stop me!!!!!!!!! For $1.66 hey you can’t beat it. So we have lots of bright colors and lots of different kid sizes.

The “Dollar” store had baby one piece clothes and fleece blankets. Good quality so I bought 10 of each. Didn’t seem like enough so I went back and bought another 10- each. You think I would buy enough at once! But what is enough??????????? A lady in line commented on the mountain of items (173 in all!!!) and if I gave away small gifts at Christmas. I told her about Trinity’s Angels and gave her the web address. I said why stop at Christmas! We do this year round. She handed me $5! Don’t you love it when people give you money?? So I threw into my cart another 5 items and added her contribution to the mix.


Sending Boxes of Fun In His Mighty Grip,