Merry Christmas to All,

May the joy of Christmas, family and friends overflow into your lives and fill you with the wonder of the season.

Tim emailed to say more than 6 boxes had already arrived in Iraq and they were taking them to the kids this week. He assured me that all the items would be distributed to the children with the exception of the holiday themed candy canes. Since Christmas is a Christian celebration and they are Muslims – they can’t take these items to the orphanages or shelters. Happily he is at the end of his deployment in January and will be returning to the U.S. He promised to give us the name of his replacement who will continue the work he has begun. Unfortunately the need continues even as troops return home. Trinity’s Angels is ready to help stand in and fill the need as we can.

I also got an email from a new soldier, Randall who serves in Columbia and is in charge of 500 soldiers throughout the country. He is in need of items for the children of orphanages and displaced families in that country. So – here we go – off to send boxes to a new continent hoping to make a difference and small impact on the lives of those in need. I am excited that we have been contacted and will try and send them 5 boxes before Christmas.

Thanks again to all of you who continually give and support this modest endeavor. You are all HEROES in my book too.