The first week of the New Year has quickly come and gone. This time of year generally the focus is on resolutions but for Trinity’s Angels it is not about that. You see we have already “resolved” to be obedient to God’s purpose for this organization and His calling. It is time for a deepened, dedicated passion. To make ourselves available for His use.

Lesa, Nicky and I went together to dinner today after a late Sunday church service. In addition to the boxes that we are continuing to send on a weekly basis to the soldiers that distribute these supplies to children around the world we talked about looking into working with a local group in South Dallas.  In the beginning, a year ago, it didn’t seem as though that was the direction for our group. The international draw was far stronger – okay maybe more for me than for them. But things change and although we still we work internationally, we are going to add on a very local level of assistance. I am excited about this. We will be able to “see the difference” and be a part of the change on an intimate and very personal level. SO … we’ll keep you posted on our progress. Wow – it feels good to feel the “burn” again. The refining fire that molds us and forms us for our special purpose.

Nicky has a contact for building our website and designing the logo. It sort of fell to the back burner since we don’t have “deep pockets” for paying for all of these things. We realize though that they are important to be able to draw contributions. And so – its not a resolution but a renewed commitment. It’s about the accountability. THAT’S WHY WE LOVE LESA – SHE IS ALL ABOUT THE ACCOUNTABILITY. That is a full time job for her where Nicky and I are concerned. 🙂

Stay Strong, Hang Tough, Be Obedient,