I was sitting here thinking how easy it is to get off track. How life distracts us from goals that were once important. From the goals and passions that seem to be the first things you think of when you wake up and the last things you think about before you fall asleep. How the world gets in and turns our attention to things “of the world.” Each day I must walk by the room in my house that has all the items waiting to be packed up and sent to children sometimes ten, fifteen, twenty times or more. For the moment my immediate focus returns to Trinity’s Angels and the fantastic task at hand. Then the phone rings, another thought crosses my mind, chocolate calls me! or life happens. I’m learning to put on blinders so that I can narrow my focus down to the passion at hand. Some days I am just too busy “doing things” and miss what God wants me to do.

Then suddenly God moves again directing it all. Sometimes God just touches us and things begin to happen. If we stay out of the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

Staying out of His way,