After reading the last post I thought I should take my own advice. So I decided to go into the “Trinity’s Angels” room in my house and pack up one box. One step forward. I don’t know who the recipients will be. That’s the beauty of it all. God knows. That is all that matters.

After a couple of hours I had packed up 10 boxes! Hooray.  One box turned into an explosion of 10.  Nothing seems to stay small with me. I had so much fun picking out the items to go in each box. Even though I do not know what children will receive them but I felt as though each item that was put into each box was chosen specifically for their individual needs. It was a interesting feeling almost as though my hands were being guided. But you know they probably were. I just thought I had control! The story of my life.

Well …the boxes are now in the front seat of my car waiting to be taken to the post office for the beginning of their journey to places beyond. I am so excited. I wish I could go with each box to see where the journey ends.

See that wasn’t so bad or so difficult was it????!!!! One box at a time.

Paying it Forward,