Hello Everyone,

I was reading through an email message I received tonight and this statistic jumped right off the page…

12,865,806 : Number of children in poverty in the United States 

That blows me away. Don’t you find yourself shaking your head in disbelief? How can that be in a nation of wealth and abundance? Makes me a little ashamed of what I was blessed to eat for dinner and the food that is stored in my pantry. On top of that, tonight there was an article on the web that wrote of the rising prices of food in Haiti which is forcing the poor to eat dirt for survival. What? Again I ask HOW can this happen? This seems all so unreal to me. And it brings to mind a saying that I like that keeps surfacing in my reading and throughout my days quite often over the past 2 weeks. I have to believe there is something to it.

To the World you are one person,

but to one person you just may be the World.

Think about it. That just sums it up for me. I can’t sit by and do nothing.

That fuels the fire within me to pack up another box. It’s not much but a small gesture of hope for the recipient. Clothes, shoes, socks, hygiene items, non-perishable food.

Won’t you help us, help those without???????????????????????????????????????????????????

In His Grip,