Sometimes going to church “hurts.” Not in a bad way. It is an awakening of something already known but that needs to be reinforced.  Sometimes I hear, “Stephanie – how many times do I have to tell you ____________? You got it … fill in the blank. Or I hear “What will it take to get your attention?”  “What is enough for you?” I ask you – dear reader – do you ever hear these words?? There are times that I just know the lesson and the words were written specifically for, and are directed at, me. Realistically I know better but still…

Today there was a woman that gave an update about several of the different mission fields that Bent Tree Bible Fellowship is involved with. As she was talking I felt that the words and examples she used were to encourage and reinforce all that is happening in my life. I was brought back to several events that have taken place in recent years and felt that they occurred to get me to this place I find myself in now. The situations she talked about mirror where I have been and what I have been allowed to do lately and where I am headed.  It felt like God was giving me a thumbs up, smiling a bit because I am finally listening more to Him.  Oh yeah and trying to be obedient. If only that stubborn, independent, “I can do it myself” streak could be tempered!! I’m sure He has a plan in store for that. I just don’t want to go through that “trial!”

And I had to smile too realizing that He was talking to me as He does to all of us. He always places signs or signals in my path at just the right time. Amazing how He always knows exactly when to make the biggest impact – when I need the encouragement and positive reinforcement the most. Yeah I know, I am only human. Can’t do this on my own power. I struggle at times because it feels that this “narrow” road is too difficult. Sometimes I look over at the wide road that many people are on. It sure does look inviting, and easier. But the final reward – well, I’ll take the reward at the end of the narrow road. God. HE IS ENOUGH for me. Is He enough for you?

For now when I think that the progress Trinity’s Angels is making is not enough, that one box isn’t enough, or that our contributions are not enough, I will keep in mind that when Christ is at the center of it all, it is ENOUGH.

We can’t do everything but we can DO SOMETHING. Time to step up to step out and do something. Off to pack a box for Trinity’s Angels and send it where it is needed.

See you at the post office!