Sitting in church yesterday the question was posed … “Have your dreams dried up?” It was interesting question one that definitely piqued my interest. And, well, I could answer that thankfully they hadn’t dried up. Maybe become a little stagnant – but definitely not dried up or out! One thing about me is I can dream BIG. Sometimes the dreams are not well thought out … and never come to be. But dreaming keeps the fire ignited for most all of us. I sat and thought about the question and continued to do so for the rest of the day. I thought about the fire and passion that ignite our dreams. That take them to fruition and to their final place of realization. We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to dream BIG !!!

We are allowed to dream, encourged to dream. And that is a beautiful thing!!! We can look to GOD, lean on Him and share our dreams and lay them at His feet, asking for help, guidance and power to accomplish them. We have been given the privilege to realize many of our dreams and encouraged to dream BIG. To dream BIG because we know that it is through God’s abilities that many of our wildest, seemingly unrealistic and grandiose dreams CAN become reality. Things we could never accomplish on our own, dreams that are so beyond our own capabilities are accomplished because we dare to dream and look to Him for help. It is by His power that they materialize.

But what of the people that don’t know about GOD? That don’t realize they can dare to dream and that it can become reality for them. We need to seek them out, touch their lives, be living examples, reach them in order to show them that with GOD life holds infinitely more possibilities. That they can dream BIG, realistically dream BIG no matter their circumstances. And so we continue to send boxes with your help to children around the world – giving them hope and letting them know that they are not forgotten. Giving them the very beginning of a spark to be able to dream.

Ask yourself now … have YOUR dreams have dried up? … maybe you need to rekindle¬†them and and talk to the One who has the power to make them real.

Dreaming BIG in His Mighty Grip,