Looking at the lives of people that I admire, those that are in the mission and service arenas of life, I often wonder how they got to the point that they are. What qualifications did they possess that propelled them to the point where they are making their dynamic impact? What training did they complete? Could God use an ordinary person like me to accomplish great things? Self-doubt comes into play but then I look at the examples that are in the bible and there are lots of ordinary people who did great things. And no surprise – it was not of their own power and that’s where the beauty lies. Through ordinary people, magnificent things happened and it is because of that you are once again re-assured that God had His hand in all of it.

On the way back from College Station after helping my youngest son move into a different place to live at A&M I saw this sign on the marquee of a church along the back-roads…

GOD doesn’t call the qualified. HE qualifies the Called.

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. Now that I can carry with me and move forward.

Called to serve in His Mighty Grip!