Excitement and anticipation are the words of the day. I began planning this morning in earnest a bit more of what to take to the children of the Amazon, the ones I will visit along with my oldest son Sean. Nothing seems like enough. Yet…I know that whatever is handed out will be more than enough. Does that make sense? Truly what I am hoping is that for the hours we are with them that they laugh uncontrollably. Have the ability to smile for awhile amidst their living conditions. Dream if only for a moment and know that there is hope – or at least to feel it – to catch a glimpse of it.

A big kid at heart – I can not wait to see the children face to face.  To get to meet each one and be with them for however much time presents itself. To talk with them. Laugh with them. Play with them. Hug them. And yes ultimately I know the tears will flow and I’ll cry as I leave … wondering if they were changed for at least a moment. Wondering if they were touched. Wondering if they felt the love being poured out to them. And,  if only knowing that they laughed for awhile … then I know my purpose was fulfilled. Then I know that amidst all that is going on right now in the world – it was a better place for them in that moment.

In Service,