For several months now our parent name, Cornerstone of Angels, has been the focus of my thoughts. As you recall originally we applied for our non-profit status under the name of “Trinity’s Angels” but it was too close to another name that had already been registered. So I prayed and searched for another name. That is how Cornerstone of Angels came up to be the parent name even though we would still be called Trinitys Angels to the world. There was something not quite “complete” with the parent name. Something that kept me thinking and searching for something else.

There is a song written by the music group Alabama entitled, Angels Among Us. For as long as I can remember this song has touched my heart. I have played it over and over and over for about the same amount of months now while focusing on finding a new parent name for Trinitys Angels. Well…focusing since September on the name change! Alot has happened in my life since then. Many fantastic things and people have crossed my path. And as I was reflecting today on all of that Angels Among Us played on the CD in my car. I think I really heard the song for the first time. Heard the words that I needed to hear. Heard the name I’d been waiting for. So I played it over and over and over this morning. Listening. Really listening.

Part of the lyrics in the song say:

“…Isn’t it kind of funny how at the dark end of the road, someone lights the way with just a single ray of hope.”

Whenever I am at my lowest, the darkest parts of life, in troubled times, there is always someone who comes along with a word of kindness, a smile, a HUG, a random phone call, a note, something that gives light to the darkness, a ray of light. A RAY OF HOPE.

That is what I heardRAY OF HOPE. Loud, and crystal clear. It’s what I hope and pray for each time Trinity’s Angels goes out to help others. To be light, hope, laughter, joy in the lives of others.  We are rays of hope to people that cross our path or whose path we are allowed to cross. It’s a beautiful thing.

So now I will apply again to the state and see if this name is taken, Ray of Hope. The journey begins again, new, fresh. Pushing past the stagnation of the past months I am excited again, renewed with purpose.

In His Mighty Grip AGAIN,