Before we continue on with the story of our journey to the Amazon, I want to stop and tell each of you that “I LOVE YOU !” Would rather tell you in person but since I can’t be right where you are here is the next best thing.

Signing I Love You  I always have wanted to learn sign language. Well … this is the only sign I know.


From the bottom of my heart and spirit. Humbly and simply THANK YOU to each of you who prays for us on our trips, contributes time, supplies and money. For those that are my sounding board and rock. Your dedication and support of Trinitys Angels always touches me and sends me soaring. Because of you, I and others involved on our trips are able to bless the people whose paths we are fortunate enough to cross.

We Make A Difference – Thanks To YOU.

Making a Change in His Mighty Grip,