What better way to first capture the attention of a child than by blowing bubbles? Okay well first it captured my attention as we motored up the Amazon. Told you it didn’t take much to capture the attention of a child! I took out a bottle of bubbles we brought for the kids and starting blowing them in the boat, letting the wind just carry the bubbles. It was just a simple, genuine thing and I got a huge kick out of it. Doesn’t take much for me!!! But you know, I looked around the boat and everyone, no matter their age which ranged from 6 up to almost 70, was smiling and trying to catch the bubbles as they flew by.

At times during the bible program Sean would be in the back of the building blowing bubbles. Kids would just stare at him and smile as the bubbles floated softly through the air. They would, quietly and without moving, watch for long periods of time, waiting for more bubbles to swirl around them.


Joy of bubbles IMG_3115

Sean blowing bubbles

Sta victoria boy

Sean and boy in sta victConsider this – it didn’t take much to reach out to these children. Just simple things, just being there, showing up. I find that the simple things in life often bring the purest joy and satisfaction.

Blowing bubbles in His Grip,