Often people ask me … Why Do You Do What You Do? And the next question I hear is … How Do You Do What You Do?

For me it is my passion. All about the passionate fire that burns deeply inside my soul. My walk of purpose. You know we all step into situations, things, areas that from another’s perspective seem difficult and hard to get through. But when you are stepping in with a burning desire to make a difference it isn’t as difficult as it might appear on the surface . Yes I walk into places that from all appearances look awful – unsafe – unsanitary. Places where you would never consider raising a family. I stare into the vacant eyes of children.  And people ask, Doesn’t it get to you? YESeach and every time. Each time I am invited into a child’s home and walk on bare dirt floors. Each time I see children in torn and tattered and dirty clothes. Each time I sit to eat with a family and look around and realize they have nothing in their pantry; they have just what we are eating that meal and have given me the biggest portion. Each time I leave a child, my new friend, not knowing if I will ever have another opportunity to see them again. To make sure they are safe, fed and loved.  To be able to hug them and give them a huge smile one more time. I pour out my heart and soul until there is nothing left and then turn and pray for relief and a refilling of my spirit to go on for one more day. And it is always given to me. My hugs are refilled. My smiles are reborn. At the end of the day when I think I have nothing left to give tomorrow, I know that I will be given everything to give to those children.

This is why I do what I do………..

Steph and kids