As the year comes to a close and we look toward 2009 – which by the way is going to ROCK!!! – I couldn’t help but look at the pictures of the trip to the Amazon. Such a highlight for me in 2008. That is an understatement – right ?!! There was one in particular that caught my eye. It was one that didn’t make it to the folder of pictures that I had planned to use in my blog entries about our journey.

Take a look…

Waiting on the amazon shore It seemed to absolutely capture the word “REFLECTION.” Look at the expression on his face, the deep look in his eyes. I see so many emotions lying beneath the surface of his face.

It is the last picture I snapped as we pulled away from the boat dock in Santa Victoria. Our purpose completed. New friendships made, waiting to be cultivated. Many hearts touched. Lives reached. We had carried Christ to this village and sowed the seed.

Now as I sit in my living room, listening to the sound of rain, letting it “wash over” me and looking at this picture, I wonder what he is reflecting upon…….Will I ever see these people again? Why do they have to go? Why can’t they take me with them? How can they leave me here? And the tears come just like the ones I choked down the day we left. All I want to do is travel back there, grab him in my arms and hug him, never letting go. For now all I can do is pray and remember and work on getting back to the hundreds of children just like him. Reflection.

As you reflect on your life in 2008 please do not forget about your tie to Trinitys Angels. We need your financial, physical and emotional support and prayers for the coming year. More than before … This year is the year – 2009 – that I feel, along with others deeply involved in this organization, that we are going to bust wide open and do some MAJOR GOOD reaching out and impacting the lives of children just like this little boy sitting on the banks of Santa Victoria. Join us as we venture out in 2009.

In His Mighty, Mighty Service,