Time to pick up where I left off with our Amazon journey. We were just leaving Santa Victoria and heading back on the river to Iquitos where we would start our next journey to Sintico and Santa Fe.

Let me throw in one more shot of a trio of brothers that followed us on the walk from the boat to the village.  

Sta victoria village So with this first fabulous trip into the Amazon completed, I along with the other team members headed back to Iquitos ready to repack and head out at 4:30 the following morning! Yes that is 4:30 am – no typo…

End to sta vict trip Look at the three people on the left with their hands under their chins. That was characteristic at some point or another of all of us on the way back. It was impossible to put the people and children of Santa Victoria out of our minds. Each of us in some way left changed. Tomorrow we had no idea where our journey would take us and how we would be refined even further.

Gotta love being In His Grip,