We were excited, changed, and tired when we got back to our hotel in Iquitos. Trying to cram as many people in the one small elevator – here are a couple of pictures of some of the group. We are sporting “Vida Real” tshirts that Ray Skaggs had made for the trip – The Real Life.”

Hotel in iquitos

Hotel in iquitos_2Oops, now I realize that these 2 pictures have the same people in them except the person in the middle! Yikes. I am in the first one and my son Sean is in the second. The other fabulous people are from Biblica de Fe church in Lima,Peru. From left to right is Terrah, Vanessa, Rocio and Oscar.

You know I find it amazing that even though we were so exhausted and drained from our first journey, once we had our team meeting, where all of us gathered sharing our feelings and the experience of the village, somehow, somewhere inside of us we all pulled on the reserve of extra strength we all have. Everyone of us has an inner reserve to be able to draw upon when we think we have nothing left to give. When you are too tired, too sad, too weak, too _______________ (you fill in the blank.) Just reach down and you will find it – I promise.

After our meeting it was such a welcome relief to be able to get out of  our soaking wet shirts and take showers. Early dinner and then off to dream land. See you tomorrow after our 3:30 am wake up call. Agggghhhhhhh.

Tired but happy in His Mighty Grip,