Well to say the least our boat ride was an experience. With the way our bodies had to be positioned and all the contortions I went through to fit in “my place” in the boat I think I could audition for Cirque de Soleil !! 🙂 We stopped along the way to fill with gas and use the restroom facilities. Okay – get ready. I could not believe my eyes when they directed us to the “facilities.” Say what???? Now is one of those times I wish I was a guy.

Bathroom on amazonSo what you do is put one foot on the board you see in the middle and then the other foot on the board on the edge. Just visualize it! You’ll get it! So everything and I mean everything goes right into the river – at the edge of the water. Eeewwww. There is no door – just 3 sides of wood that sort of enclose you but not so much. I laughed the whole time I tried to use this “facility” and I use that term very, very freely. But it is sure a relief!!

I guess that restroom shouldn’t have surprised me since the way they fill the gas tanks in the boat is to siphon it out of 55 gallon drums using a hose. To get that all started they suck on one end to get the pressure going and then put that end into the gas tank in the boat. I love, absolutely love the smell of gasoline ever since I was a little girl. So I was in heaven as I inhaled the fumes of the many, many 55 gallon drums that had no lids. It was a combustion extravaganza waiting to happen. Glad no one lit a match. Once filled up we headed back onto the river for the remainder of the ride – another 6 hours! Oh my aching legs at the thought of having to get back in that boat……………

This last picture is of Sean surrounded by 55 gallon drums.


Cruising along the Amazon highway in His Mighty Grip,