Since yesterday’s blog I have several emails regarding the USO wondering how I got started there. So a slight detour from Peru – pardon the diversion.

Almost two years ago I went out to the DFW airport to welcome the daily R&R flight from Kuwait bringing home the soldiers form Iraq and Afghanistan. It was an overwhelming experience for me. Tears were never far from the backs of my eyes as I shook hands with each soldier as they came through the line. After I left that day I knew it was something I felt drawn to. So for several more months I came out almost daily (not to difficult – I only live 10 minutes from the airport). Standing in those lines welcoming the soldiers, I have shaken the hands of well over 10,000 soldiers and hugged many of them. Standing in those lines I have met many Vietnam Veterans that I have grown to know, respect and love. Those experiences have been AMAZING.

Then I heard there were opportunities to volunteer at the USO center inside the airport. I was accepted to work on the Thursday morning shift from 7:30 to 11:30 am with a sweet, amazing and great team leader, Jeannie, and other volunteers that fill the slots. I have been doing this for almost a year and a half. For me it is about making the soldiers laugh and smile and forget about the “transition” period at the DFW airport waiting to going back to the “theater.” It is about letting them know that they are respected, honored and prayed for. It is all about them – HEROES. Some days are just TOO fun. Here are some pics to prove it!

Blue tongues

Uso 1-15_1

Uso 1-15_2

Uso 1-15_4

Steph with soldier pack


Steph and the birds

Serving In His Mighty Grip,